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About the School.....

Establishment & Situation

S.K.D. Public School was established in 2005 and is situated in the village Salempur on Bulandshahr to Shikarpur Highway.

Chairman, S.K.D. Public School Samiti, Salempur, Distt. Bulandshahr has decided to start an English medium, co-educational C.B.S.E. affiliated school to cater the great need of such a school in this rural area. Then S.K.D. Public School came in existence in 2005. The main Mission of the school is to provide standard education with qualified and experienced faculty and to create an environment of Self-learning through experiments and visual aid to make the young generation is a perfect citizen of India who may contribute to the science and humanities and serve the society.

Necessity of Establishment

Best education is today's need. In towns and rural areas much awareness towards education is needed. So to fulfill the requirement S.K.D. Public School is established affiliated by C.B.S.E. Board.

The Society is one of its kind and it is committed to the field of education as well as social service. It takes pride in promoting Indian Values and culture. The philosophy of society has been to provide meaningful contribution in those areas that encompass the overall development of the country. For this reason, the society has given priority and attention to "EDUCATION" at all levels that are one of the most important factors for general prosperity and progress.

Aim of the School

The aim of the S.K.D. Public School is to educate our children to grow into integrated human beings by helping them to have a proper relationship with God, others and the environment. The motto of the school is 'Excellence In Education'. Public school is trying its best to develop the body mind and soul of the children.